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Дата рождения16 июня 1995
Доп. информацияHP printer not delivering the printouts causes frustration and delays the project that must be submitted on time. There might be tons of reasons causing HP printer not printing issue and therefore the prominent ones are.
• Missing or an outdated printer driver.
• The printer connections are improper.
• a problem with Windows configuration.
• Paper jam within the printer.
• Or sometimes dried or no ink in cartridges results in printing issues.
Apart from these five reasons, there are often some unusual issues causing printing errors in HP printers. The troubleshooting involves taking some specific measures like ensuring that the printer connections are okay, canceling the pending print queues, setting your HP printer as a default device, upgrading your HP printer driver, or refilling the ink cartridges. These are a number of the recommended troubleshooting steps to resolve printing errors in HP printers. just in case you don’t skills to execute them then you want to contact the qualified HP printer experts to resolve the difficulty .